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Growing up, I witnessed way too many preventable diseases and deaths in my family. After years of eating a horrendous diet began to take a toll on my health, I was determined to break the cycle.


I decided to obtain a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (and be the first in my family to attend college). The plan was to change the health path that I was on, and in turn be able to help my family and anyone else struggling with their weight and health. 

The path to obtaining great health wasn't easy. I dealt with bouts of depression and anxiety. But those setbacks were the catalyst I needed to force me to also take control of my mental health and find happiness!

I fell in love with exercise, started owning my nutrition, learned how to improve my relationships, and developed a devotion to dominating in my mental and physical health.






Over a decade later, I've now helped several hundred people conquer their own health & weight loss paths! This includes my "partner in crime" (wife, Shelley) after meeting in 2013. She was uncomfortable working out--especially in a gym--because she was self-conscious about looking like she didn't know what she was doing. Since learning how to workout safely and effectively, she has fallen in love with the feeling of a great workout and the results that follow! 

As a couple, we enjoy the perfect balance of going out to eat, drinks with friends, movies, work, and living the healthy "fitness" lifestyle. Together, we hope to help YOU do the same! 


We're passionate about seeing our clients succeed so we're on a mission to help 1000 people reach their goals by 2022! Let's do it!


 - Randy & Shelley Erickson

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Busy women lose 10-50 lbs in our 

coaching program, making them feel confident, lean & sexy! 

Check out our clients' experience and results below to see for yourself.






30 Minute Virtual


LIVE with our Expert Trainers, unlimited 30 minute fat torching workouts for all fitness levels! We will be motivating you and watching your exercise form virtually in the comfort of your home! Home equipment is welcome, but not necessary.

Missed a Live Class? You'll have access to our VIP Workout Vault so you can do the workout any time, anywhere! 

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Times are stressful right now...

Maybe this sounds familiar to you?

Your spouse doesn't look at you the way he/she used to.

You are avoiding being in family pictures.

You have less energy, can't do things you used to do, you don't like looking in the mirror, you're are never "in the mood" any more. You feel ashamed for letting things go, you aren't proud of the example you're setting for your family and

you have overall have felt a loss of self-confidence. 

...but then there's that part of you that sees what's happening around the world right now, and you are ready to be on the path toward greater health.

You can see a future where you can go hiking and keep up.

You see the possibility of a having a lean, toned, sexy and strong body. You can envision feeling comfortable in your clothes again and exude confidence. 

You can envision your friends, family and co-workers admiring how you carry yourself; your drive, dedication, energy, charisma, and persistence to accomplish whatever comes your way!

Hopefully you are ready to see and feel those changes!





This is an awesome place if you're looking for an efficient workout routine! I've been attending classes here pretty regularly for the last 7 weeks, and it's made a huge difference in my relationship with exercise. I used to be very inconsistent with my workouts, but now that I don't have to think about what I'm going to do, it feels easy to just put on my shoes and go! I really love that they include a warmup and cool down with stretching, and exercises are demonstrated at different skill levels. If you're feeling intimidated about trying this for the first time, don't be. Owners Randy and Shelley are incredibly supportive, and you'll find the other members and trainers to be friendly and welcoming. You can waste time at the gym trying to decide what kind of workout to do every day, or you can just come here and have everything laid out for you. If you're looking for a simple but challenging workout for your entire body, this is place for you!



I love this place!!!!! If you want to have fun, challenging workouts.... you need to check out Impact Fitness! Randy is awesome and super motivating, he actually makes working out fun and Shelley keeps everything running smoothly. They are very supportive and caring, come check it out



Shelley and Randy are so wonderful. They are very welcoming and make working out something I look forward to. with such a variety of exercises it is impossible to become bored. In just a few weeks I am seeing a difference in my body. I highly recommend here for anyone, especially those who are looking for motivation to get back into working out. Just go! It's pretty fun!



I have gone 5 times and have been equally impressed each time! Really worth it. Exercises are well thought out and supervised. Very adaptable for individual skill levels. Randy and Shelley are great owners. Anyone who is serious about losing weight and getting in shape should give them a try. you won't regret it.



Really a great workout. Short, sweet and to the point with 30 min classes. Randy and Shelley (the owners) are always welcoming and really try to make everyone feel like a part of the fit fam. This is a gym for all fitness levels. I highly recommend this place.



I've been going here for about 5 months now. I 've lost weight gained muscle and learned more about keeping myself healthy. Everyone there makes you feel great about being there and the progress you are making. And that progress is a healthy one, so you are not putting it all back on. I highly recommend them!



I love working out here! You get a GREAT workout in 30 minutes. I always come out drenched in sweat. The owners are so nice, welcoming and motivating that I actually look forwad to going after a long day at work. I  would highly recommend this place to anyone. you won't regret it


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